North America


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Title: ‘ Kaartje van het Noorder-Deel van America’ . Contemporary handcoloured engraving. Designed by Jacob de Keizer and corrected by N. Klockhoff . Published by N.T. Gravius in 1789

Rare map of North America, with an odd conjectural NW Coast of America. The map notes the discoveries of Bering in 1741 and Tchirikow in 1742, but rejects the Sea of the West, based upon an early report of Cook's explorations (Cook is mentioned in the Bering Sea). The West River extends from K. Blank to and area north of the Maha Tintons. A nice blend of Indian Names, territorial claims, and early cartography.

Size: 17,5 x 23,5 cm

Condition: Very good, visible folds as published

VAT: Margingoods


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